Heather Pernell

Heather Rosalie Pernell

Major: Biology, Minor: Geographic Information Systems

Biologist, Birder, and all around nature lover

This is a picture of a Cedar Waxwing from The Cornell Lab of Orinithology website called: All About Birds.The Cedar Waxwing is my favorite bird. The link below will connect you to this website.

this is a great page about birds. Click on this!
Some of my recent accomplishments:
  • Presenting at Metropolitan State University of Denver Undergraduate Research Conference in April 2017.
  • Presenting at Colorado Field Ornithologist Annual Convention 2017!
  • Completing a second field season of data collection for my research

Current Classes I am Taking:
  • Gis Webmapping
  • Evolution
  • Cartography
Career Goals: I currently have a desire to enter into the Recent Graduate Program through the Department of Inerior as a biologist after graduation. After I finish that which will be a year long contract. Then I would like to become a Wildlife Biologist and potentially move to Alaska. Graduate school is something I would like to tackle after I have spent some time in the field and can zero in on the specific field I would like to pursue.